Webhooks overview

The Webhooks API allows you to subscribe to events happening in PeopleForce with the integration of your choice as long as it supports webhooks. Rather than making an API call when an event happens, PeopleForce can send an HTTP request to an endpoint you configure. You can configure subscribed events in your PeopleForce Settings. Additionally, you can view all the deliveries that happened and what data they passed. Learn more about how to setup a webhook and see execution history in our guide on Starting with webhooks


Your system of choice for integration doesn't support receiving webhooks? Or maybe you are not ready to dive into the world of webhooks? See if your integration system supports Zapier, as we have a lot of triggers and actions available for Zapier.

PeopleForce has a variety of webhooks, all of them listed below. Webhook events availability depends on your selected PeopleForce modules.


  • Employee created
  • Employee updated
  • Employee first date
  • Employee terminated
  • Employee position created
  • Employee position updated
  • Employee salary created
  • Employee salary updated

Leave requests:

  • Leave request created
  • Leave request approved
  • Leave request rejected
  • Leave request withdrawn


  • Applicant created
  • Applicant offer accepted


  • Vacancy created
  • Vacancy application created


  • Survey launched