Frequently asked questions

Our favourite questions from users

Is using API free?

Yes! Our API is free for all of our clients and we encourage everyone to use it.

What are the API Rate limits?

At the moment, the rate limit is 300 requests per minute. More details here.

I don't see Webhooks, API nor Settings in PeopleForce

You won't see these pages if you are not an admin user or don't have webhook or API permission respectively. Contact your PeopleForce administrators to request access.

I found a bug / I've encountered error 500

We are sorry to hear this. We aim for the best quality for our product! If you found any issues let us know and we will try to resolve them.
If you received 500 as your response - our team has already been notified of it, but you are still welcome to contact us and explain what happened. This will help us to resolve the issue faster and we will notify you once there's a fix.

I didn't find endpoint/data that I was looking for

Although we cover a lot of different cases with our API and Webhooks, maybe yours is a new one for us. Let us know and we will do our best to help you!