Rate limit

Our API has a rate limit applied to requests made to all endpoints. This is implemented to help prevent misusage of the API, protect the platform and better handle the volume of incoming requests. This rate limit is enforced on the requesting IP address and is calculated per minute.

Current rate limits are set to a limit of 300 requests per minute

Recovering from a rate limit

When these rate limits are exceeded, a HTTP status of 429 'Too many requests' error is returned from the endpoint. It is a recommended best practice to examine the HTTP headers that are return that will indicate when the limit resets and a built in delay can be imlemented to pause requests until then.

When a "too many requests" or rate-limiting error occurs, the frequency of making requests needs to be slowed down. When a rate limit is hit, the Retry-After HTTP header can be checked to learn when the rate-limiting will reset. This value is the number of seconds remaining for when the limit will be reset.