Adding new hire from other ATS

When you want to add that new hire as your employee in PeopleForce

Preconditions: you have generated API key.
If not, we suggest you start with API authentication

Congratulations on another great addition to your company πŸŽ‰
Now the question is how to add them into PeopleForce without creating extra manual work.

Creating an employee via API

Employee profiles are accounts that your employees will be using to log in to the system. You can store all the main information about the employee in their profile. This covers first and last name, date of birth, email, phone number, etc.

You can create an employee by calling and passing the required data.
Additionally, you can provide other data about employees: middle name, work email, personal email, hire date (the date employee will start work), position, department, division, manager ID and any custom field.

To address a custom field use the custom field id. You can find it by editing your custom field.

"custom_field": {
    "uuid": "string"

To learn more, check this endpoint in our API documentation: Create an employee


Troubleshooting: Validation errors

Status 422 Unprocessable entity: Check response message. You might be missing required fields or passing invalid data, or data fails to be unique if required.
Personal and work emails, and a personal phone number must be unique. First and Last names must exist.

If for any reason your company can have non-unique emails or phone numbers please contact us.

If the employee already exists in the system you will receive an error with status 422. You can look up your employee via email or phone number with List all employees and then update it by ID through Update an employee.

If your ATS (or another system you will be passing new hires from) doesn't allow calling API, see if you can integrate with Zapier integration. Zapier can act as an in-between and accept your new candidate from your external system (if it supported) and call PeopleForce API